About Us

Company History

EAS Contracting can trace its beginnings back to the first major expansion of DFW Airport
in 1982. That contract was for the addition of the two outside runways along with two new 
taxiway bridges to connect the East and West airfields.

Carroll Edwards was the field superintendent for Collier Electric Company at that time and 
that is 
where he first met the Jaquith team of Scott Brunner and Bill Schai. This partnership 
of sharing
 knowledge and experiences has been a tremendous asset to both of our firms.

EAS Contracting was founded in November of 2002, however the entire team had actually 
been working together for 15 years at Walker Engineering and Encompass Electrical 
 When EAS opened its doors they had over 75 years of combined airfield
lighting and NAVAIDS 
installation experience. 

Safety Program

The employees of EAS Contracting are the company's greatest resource. In order to protect
this resource we are committed to providing a safe workplace while delivering the highest 
quality product to the customer. This commitment will be supported by a proactive safety program and safety training.

Our employees will perform their work activities in accordance with this safety program 
and with good construction industry practices. Our managers and supervisors will support
this safety program and will be held accountable for meeting its objectives

EAS Contracting believes all incidents and injuries are preventable. Toward that end, the company will strive to continuously improve its safety processes, procedures and training practices. There is an important role in this program for all of us and everyone is expected to join together to make EAS Contracting a successful, accident-free and healthy place to work.


Throughout our construction history, we have teamed with many sub-contractors. Most of 
these sub-contractors have been small business entities. EAS has the resources and 
experience to assist our sub-contractors with project management processes, interpretation
of plans and specifications and cost saving construction methods. 

EAS is committed to the utilization of DBE sub-contractors, suppliers and other small and  emerging business enterprises. We have engaged and teamed with many DBE sub-contractors and suppliers to construct projects at all of the major airports in the State of Texas, as well as several other locations. Due to our proven experience of working with DBE firms, EAS can commit to and generally exceed project specified DBE goals.  

Position inquiries and/or resumes can be sent to info@easlp.com

An Equal Opportunity Employer