New Airfield Construction Includes

Total design and build of NAVAIDS and airport electrical systems.

Elevated and in-pavement lighting.Airfield signage.

All underground utilities, electrical and communication.

All NAVAIDS systems Cat. 1 thru Cat. 5.

Airfield lighting controls and monitoring systems.

Area lighting.

Retrofit Airfield Construction Includes

Specialists in deep coring up to 30" diameter.

Concrete sawing and kerfing.

All in-pavement retrofit operations involving bases and conduit systems.

Epoxy and high early strength type materials repairs to fixture bases and concrete kerfs.

Other Airfield Services

Preventative airfield maintenance programs for any size airports.

Concrete repairs including emergency panel replacements capable of operation in 24 hours.

Design reviews for electrical constructability.

Test for constant current series circuit for total connected KVA load.

Ground tests utilizing fail of potential method.

TxDOT Construction

EAS works with the Texas Department of Transportation to provide road construction services.

We have experience constructing highway cable systems, high mast roadway lighting, highway

signage, and "CTMS" complete.

Electrical Utility Services

With a large catalog of experience, our electrical utility service will provide underground

electrical utilities, underground communications, and the installation of fiber optic system.