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Job NumberName and LocationType of WorkStatus
1001 Bush IAH Project #555 Construction of Terminal B & C Ramp Completed 
1002 Bush IAH Project #522H Construction of Runway 8-26 Complex Completed 
1003 Bush IAH Project #558B Construction of Taxiway SD Bridge Completed 
1004 Bush IAH Project #522G Construction of Runway Bridge and Taxiway Golf Completed 
1005 Fort Worth Alliance Airport Construction of West Cargo Apron and Taxiway Completed 
1007 Dallas Love Field Business Jet Ramp & T/W Expansion Construction of Apron Expansion & Relocation of Taxiway Delta Completed 
1009 Bush IAH Project #549 Rehabilitate T/W SA & T/W SB Completed 
1013 DFW Runway Status Lights Design / Build New Lighting/Control System Completed 
1014 DFW PAPI - Phase II Installation of (7) PAPI Units Completed 
1015 DFW SMGCS Furnish & Install SMGCS System Completed 
1016 DFW R/W 18R Extension Extension of R/W 18R and Construction of HSE E3 Completed 
1017 Bush IAH Project #556 Construction of New R/W 15R/33L Completed 
1024 DFW R/W Grinding & Grooving Profile Grind & Re-Groove of R/WS Completed 
1031 Bush IAH Project #491B Complete Rehabilitation of R/W 8-26 Completed 
1035 Bush IAH Project #556B Taxiway & Bridge Rehabilitation Completed 
1039 Houston Hobby Airport GIS Mapping Project Completed 
1044 DFW Rehab Aircraft Parking Aprons FY-03 Shallow & Full Depth HMAC & Concrete Repair Completed 
1046 Tyler Pounds Airport Lighting Taxiway Lighting and Vault Improvements Completed 
1048 El Paso International Airport Upgrade Airfield Lighting & Controls Completed 
1050 Houston Hobby Airport ALSF II Installation of ILS/ALSF II for R/W 4-22 Completed 
1051 Houston Hobby Airport SMGCS Installation of SMGCS Lighting and Control Completed 
1057 Dallas Hensley Field Airfield Pavement, Lighting, Vault Improvements Completed 
1062 Tyler Pounds Regional Airport Taxiway Lighting & Vault Improvements  Completed 
1063 Bexar County Safety Barrier Installation of a new cable barrier system Completed 
1065 Bexar County Safety Barrier Installation of a new cable barrier system Completed 
1067 Bush IAH Project #603 Rehabilitation of Runway 15L-33R Completed 
1068 Houston Ellington Field Runway and Taxiway lighting installation Completed 
1069 Misc Airfield Lighting COH 588 Installation of 2 NAVAID generators and taxiway lighting Completed 
1071 Sugarland Airport Airfield lighting installation Completed 
1073 DFW Runway Status Lights - THL Fixtures 2nd Phase of Experimental Lighting/Control System (Design & Pre-Construction Services) Completed 
1074 Installation of PAPI - R/W 04 William P. Hobby Airport, Houston, TX Installation of Owner Furnished 4-LHA PAPI Units Completed 
1075 Installation of PAPI R/W 12R William P. Hobby Airport, Houston, TX Installation of Owner Furnished 4-LHA PAPI Units Completed 
1076 Taxiway K at DFW Remove & Replace Full Strength Pavement @ T/W Kilo Completed 
1077 DFW Airport Rehabilitate Lighting Systems FY-05 Installation of a new electrical duct bank Completed 
1078 DFW Airport Rehab Airfield Pavements Rehabilitation of Airfield Pavements Completed 
1079 DFW Airport - Rehab AP LTS SYS Replacement of isolation transformers and lighting fixtures Completed 
1080 TxDoT Rockwall County IH30 Installation of a new cable barrier system Completed 
1081 TxDoT Johnson County IH35W Installation of a new cable barrier system Completed 
1082 Sugarland Airport Construction of a new ramp and taxiway lighting Completed 
1083 IAH Airport, JFK Boulevard Installation of a new fiber optic duct bank Completed 
1084 Denton Municipal Airport Construction of new taxiway and lighting Completed 
1085 Rehab AF Pavement FY06  DFW airfield pavement rehabilitation Completed 
1086 DFW SE Perimeter Taxiway Addition of taxiways in south east quadrant of airport Completed 
1086 DFW SE Perimeter Taxiway Addition of taxiways in south east quadrant of airport Completed 
1087 Lone Star Exec 26567 Reconstruct and extend runway 1-19 Completed 
1088 Nacodoches Airport Approach Lighting Installation Completed 
1089 Rehab A/F Lighting GP Replacement of regulator in NE vault Completed 
1090 Taxiway Aviation LTG GP Taxiway lighting and pavement improvements Completed 
1091 DFW Visual Screen Installation of visual screens Completed 
1092 EFD Txwy K & A - COH 626 Pavement and lighting improvements for taxiways Kilo and Alpha Completed 
1093 DFW REH AF LTG SYS FY03 Miscellaneous upgrades to DFW Completed 
1094 Hardy-Greens Bayou (HCTRA 210) Fiber optic CCTV installation Completed 
1095 EFD Txwy H Pavement Rehab-COH 614 Pavement and lighting improvements to taxiway Hotel Completed 
1097 Hobby Airport Rehabilitation of RW 12R/30L and Miscellaneous Electrical Repairs COH 619 Houston, TX Rehabilitation of Runway 12R-30L Completed 
1100 DFW Eastside Runway Status Lights Install Runway Status Lights 17R-35L & 17C-35C Completed 
1102 Lonestar Executive Airport TxDot CSJ No. 0712CONRO Conroe, TX  Completed 
1103 Sensis at IAH  Completed 
1104    Harris County Beltway 8 TxDOT CM2007 (830)   Installation Computerized Transportation Management System for I-45N to I-45 S   Completed 
1105 Dallas Love Field Runway 13R/31L Safety Area Enhancements Dallas, TX Runway 13R-31L Safety Area Enhancements Completed 
1106 Hobby Hydrant Fueling, Houston, TX  Completed 
1107 DFW Rehabilitate Airside Bridges FY07 Contract No. 9001797 Demo & Place CTB & PCC Pav't, Polymer Conc. Repair, Crack Seal Completed 
1108 DFW Rehabilitate Airfield Pavements FY07 Contract No. 9001796 PCC & HMAC Pav't Demo & Replacement. Joint & Crack Repair/Sealing. Pavement Markings Completed 
1109 Austin-Bergstrom Int'l Airport Airfield Lighting Improvements & Airfield Pav't Rehab Description: Demo & Place PCC & HMAC Pav't, Crack/Spall/Joint Repair, Airfield Markings. Airfield Signage / Lighing Completed 
1110 Automated People Mover Phase 3, Package 1 - Utilities Relocation COH 536F @ George Bush IAH, Houston, TX Removal and/or relocation of existing roadway lighting, security gates and signage for new APM foundations. Completed 
1111 Fiber Optic Cable Duct Bank & Localizer Shelter for R/W 9/27 @ George Bush IAH, Houston, TX Parsons No. RFO SW 61:10 EAS Subcontract No. SW-10080 Installation of duct bank for future fiber optic communications cable project. Prepare site and install new Localizer Antenna Shelter for future use. Completed 
1112 Rehabilitation of R/W 9-27 COH 423 @ George Bush IAH Houston, TX Electrical & NAVAIDS Rehabilitation of R/W 9-27 Completed 
1113 Automated People Mover Phase 3, Package 2 - Utilities Relocation @ George Bush IAH COH 536J Houston, TX  Install roadway lighting, future electrical feeder duct banks, PDS Building for future APM system and roadway signage Completed 
1114 DFW Rehab Airfield Lighting Systems FY08 Contract No. 9500334 DFW, TX Install new electrical vault feeder bus, remove/repair/install T/W series circuitry. Completed 
1115 DFW AOA Physical Perimeter Security Upgrades Contract No. 9500329 DFW, TX  Install / Modify Gates, Fence, Security Cable Barrier, Delta & GRAB Systems and Concrete Mow Strip Completed 
1116 DFW North Airfield Drive Expansion & Mustang Drive Extension Contract No. 9500345 DFW, TX Install roadway lighting and traffic signals. Relocate utility company service and underground feeder. Completed 
1118 TXDOT-Meacham Field CSJ No. 0702MEACH Fort Worth, TX Renovation R/W 16-34 Edge Lights and NAVAIDS Completed 
1119 Dallas Love Field Package 6B Contract No. 9820960 Dallas, TX Relocation of Airfield Lighting Vaults, Replacement of Airfield Lighting Systems Completed 
1121 Fort Worth Alliance Airport Electrical Improvements Project C.P.M.S. Number 1136 Houston, TX Airfield Signage Improvements; ALCMS; Airport Beacon Relocation Completed 
1122 Port of Houston-Bayport Terminal Complex Phase I-Stage 2 Container Yard CSP No.:5283 Houston, TX Installation of New 15kV Feeder Loops/Switchgear; Communications Duct bank / Cabling and High Mast Lighting Completed 
1123 DFW Rehabilitation Lighting FY09 Contract No. 9500378 DFW, TX  Rehab Lighting, Replace Airfield Signs, and Replace One Windcone Completed 
1126 TxDOT Sugarland Regional Airport TxDOT CSJ. No. 0912SGRLAN Sugarland, TX Installation of Complex GA Generator Completed 
1127 TxDOT Scholes International Airport TxDOT CSJ. No. 0912GLVST Galveston, TX Airfield Lighting Rehabilitation and Vault Replacement Completed 
1128 TxDOT Brazoria County Airport TxDOT CSJ No. 0912ANGLE Angelton / Lake Jackson, TX Runway 17-35 Reconstruction Completed 
1129   Dallas Love Field - Taxiway L Extension Dallas, TX PN P438 & P439   Taxiway "L" Extension   Completed 
1130 TxDOT Mid-Way Regional Airport TxDOT CSJ No. 0918WAXCH Midlothian, TX Runway / Taxiway Extensions and Pavement Rehabilitation Completed 
1131 Rehabilitation of R/W 422 - COH 462 William P. Hobby Airport Houston, TX Rehab Runway 422 Completed 
1132 I90 Tracon Relocate @ George Bush IAH JCN: 9704242 Houston, TX Install Complete Electrical System for New Tracon Facility, Install & Furnish 26,000ft Communication Duct Bank, and Site Lighting for Parking Lot Completed 
1133 TxDOT Arlington Municipal Airport TxDOT CSJ No. 0902ARLNG Arlington, TX  Terminal Apron Expansion Completed 
1134 DFW Rehabilitate Airfield Runway 18R/36L Contract #950038  Runway Replace and Install Runway Panels, Joint Seals, Airfield Markers Completed 
1135 Houston Ship Channel Security System PO # P169266 Houston, TX   Installation of Security Camera System along Houston Ship Channel and roadside, includes PTZ cameras, tilt zoom, radar, thermal analytic cameras, concrete poles and control    Completed 
1138   TxDOT Denton Municipal Airport Denton, TX CSJ No. 0918DNTON   Year 2009 Runway / Taxiway Extension   Completed 
1139  Houston Airport Systems Project 648 @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, TX  Rehabilitate of Taxiways 'WA' & 'WB' and new west vault  Completed 
1140 Runway Status Lights Construction @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, TX   Installation of new FAA shelters with service and communication services. Installation of new pavement THL & REL fixtures.   Completed 
1141 CTJ Air / Land Improvements Construction @ Meacham Airport Fort Worth, TX  Construction of Taxilane and Access Road Completed 
1142 DFW Runway 13L/31R ARFF Road Extension Contract Number 9500435 DFW Airport, TX Construction of ARFF Road Extension Completed 
1145  Dallas Love Field Airside Apron Improvement Modernization Program Project AAP025 Dallas, TX  Revising Airfield and Fuel System Electrical Wiring  Completed 
1149   TxDOT Addison Municipal Airport Addison, TX CSJ No. 1118ADISN   Reconstruction of Runway, including Paving, Drainage, Airfield Lighting and Control System.   Completed 
1151  DFW Rehab Airfield Pavement FY2011 DFW Airport, TX CN 9500452  Full and Shallow Depth Concrete Repair, Asphalt Shoulder Repair, Airfield Electrical  Completed 
1152 ABIA Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring System (ALCMS) Upgrade CID #6000.47  Upgrade Existing ALMCS-New Uninterrupted Power Supply System, Impavement Runway Guard Light Installation, Minor Vault Work  Completed 
1154  Wellborn Road Grad Separations @ Texas A&M, College Station, TX CSJ 0540-04-062  Construction of two 2-lane vehiclular roadways and two 30-foot wide pedestrian pathways, which will transverse under the existing Wellborn Rd and the Union Pacific Railroad  Completed 
1155  DFW Rehab Airfield Lighting Systems - FY2011 @ DFW Airport, TX CN 9500449  Installation of New Airfield Lighting Ductbanks, Cabling, and CCR's  Completed 
1156  Fort Worth Alliance Airport, Phase 7 Runway Design & Taxiway Rehab & PAPI-4 Rehab & Misc Airfield Pavement Rehab C.P.M.S Number 1588  Misc Pavement Repairs, Pavement Markings, Install (2) New PAPI-4 L880B. Modifications to ALCMS  Completed 
1157  Airfield Lighting System Upgrade Project - Phase 2 @ San Antonio International Airport, Project No. 33-00148  Replace Airfield Lighting Control & Monitoring System and Fiber Optic Communication Cable Between Lighting Vaults & Air Traffic Control Tower  Completed 
1158  George Bush International Airport Terminal B South Apron Reconstruction Package 2: Enabling Project No. 643B, CIP No. 8-0565, AIP No. 3-48-0111-XX  Installation of New Duct Banks & Associated Wiring for By-Pass Jet Fuel Manifold Vaults  Completed 
1160 Wichita County Highway US 82 TxDot Project NO. NH 2012 (358) G CN: 0044-01-095 Upgrade High Mast Illumination Completed 
1162 DART Irving 3 Light Rail Expansion Roadway Illumination for DA Completed 
1163 RFP No. 82 Construction Package-All Segments-Illumination for LBJ Expressway Installation of Roadway Illumination Assemblies Completed 
1165 Multi-Purpose Road at Fire Training Facility @ DFW International Airport, DFW Airport, TX Installation of electrical lighting and circuitry associated with new multi-purpose taxiway / roadway @ fire station Completed 
1166 Fiber Optic Cable from West RTR to West Vault FRO SW 187:10 @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, TX  Installation of Fiber Optic Cable for the FAA Completed 
1167 Terminal B-South Apron Reconstruction-Package 3, HAS Project 643C @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, TX Installation of Ductbank Systems for Aviation Fuel Systems Completed 
1168 Rehabilitation Airfield Pavement, FY2011 PHII @ DFW International Airport, DFW Airport, TX Embankment and Concrete Pavement for Taxiway Extension WF Completed 
1169 HB&T Passenger Main Relocation Houston, TX Passenger Main Relocation from Tower 26, MP 231.8 to Loop 610m MP 229.7 Completed 
1170 Taxiway Alpha Improvements @ Addison Municipal Airport CSJ: 1218ADDSN Addison, TX Concrete and Asphalt Pavement Reconstruction and Airfield Lighting Replacement Completed 
1174 Dallas Love Field-Runway 13L-31R Safety Area Enhancements 2011 AIP PROJECT: 3-48-0062-041-2012 Modifications to Runway and FAA NAVAIDS Completed 
1175 Runway 17-35 Rehabilitaion, Sugarland, TX Shoulders and Electrical Improvements @ Sugarland Regional Airport Completed 
1176 SJRA Water Treatment Plant Conroe, TX Electrical & Communication Ductbank for new water treatment plant. Completed 
1177 Taxiway Romeo & Tango Improvements Addison Municipal Airport Addison, TX Rehabilitate and Reconstruction of Asphalt Aprons on Taxiways Romeo and Tango Completed 
1178 Rehabilitate Airfield Pavement FY2012 CN 9500473 DFW Airport, TX Full and Shallow Depth Concrete Repair, Asphalt Shoulder Repair, Airfield Electrical Completed 
1179 Rehabilitate Airfield Lighting Systems FY2013 CN9500491 DFW Airport, TX Remove SMGCS Infrastructure/Control System. Replace Fixtures, Cabling, Test and Commission. Completed 
1180  Runway 14-32 Extension and Airfield Improvements @ Lone Star Executive Airport CSJ:1212CONRO Conroe, TX Extension of Runway 14-32 and Taxiway Alpha. Removal and Replacement of FAA Approach Lighting System and ILS. Vault and ALCS Upgrades. Completed 
1181 Reconstruction Taxiway NB and Airfield Pavement Repairs @ George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston, TX Rehabilitate of Taxiways 'NA' & 'NB' Completed 
1182 DFW ALCMS Installation @ DFW Airport  - DFW Airport, TX Replace Airfield Lighting, Control, Monitoring System Completed 
1183 Dallas Love Field Airfield Signage Wiring Foundation PN F367   Dallas, TX Remove and Reinstall Airfield Guidance Signs on New Concrete Foundations Completed 
1184 Houston West Concourse FIS, Package 3, Southwest Airlines, William P. Hobby Houston, TX Installation of Electrical Control and Monitoring System for New Emergency Fuel Shut Off System (EFSO) Completed 
1185 Forth Worth Alliance Airport: Rehabilitation of Taxiway 'A' Lighting  City PN: 02048   Fort Worth, TX Remove and Replace Existing Taxiway Edge Light & Runway Guard Light Fixtures and Installation of Airfield Lighting Cables Completed 
1186 Wylie Intermodal Faciltiy Phase 1A   Wylie, TX Site Electrical Underground, High Mast Lighting, Medium Voltage Distribution System Completed 
1187 Addison Airport Runway 33 RSA Improvements (EMAS) TXDOT CSJ: 1318ADDSN  Town of Addison, TX Removal and Reinstallation of Airfield and/or FAA Underground Electrical Systems and Lighting Completed 
1188 DFW Taxiway 'L' Reconstruction CN 9500497  DFW Airport, TX Complete Civil and Electrical Reconstruction of Taxiway 'L' Completed 
1190 DFW Rehabilitate Airfield Pavement FY13   CN 9500481 DFW Airport, TX Upgrade R/W 13R / 31L, Shoulder Pavement, Replace Concrete Panels, New Airfield Lighting, and Guidance Signs Completed 
1191 DFW Rehabilitate Airfield Lighting FY14 CN 9500535  DFW Airport, TX Replacment of Airfield Lighting, Guidance Signs, Cabling, CCR's for R/W 17L/ 35R Completed 
1193 Dallas Love Field - Hanger C Dallas, TX PN: 23005 Airfield Signage Relocation @ Hanger C Completed 
1194 TXDOT TX Gulf Coast Regional Airport Angelton, TX TxDOT CSJ No. 1412GNGLE Construct Terminal Apron, Relocate Portion of Cross Taxiway E & G, Install MITL & Signs for Taxiway E and Apron Completed 
1195 Little Rock Repair / Replace Primary Runway 07-25 W9127S-14-C-6003 Little Rock Airforce Base Jacksonville, AR Replacement of Existing Runway Lighting Systems, ALCMS, Airfield Lighting Vault, Approach Lighting Systems and NAVAIDS  Completed 
1199 Port of Freeport - Berth 7 Backland Concrete Paving CN 1416S07 Duct Bank and Manholes for Future Reefer Stations Completed 
1200 TxDOT Meacham Intl Airport Fort Worth, TX TxDOT CSJ No. 1402MEACM Construction on Taxiland & Inlets and Installing a Waterline Completed 
1201 TxDOT Majors Field Greenville, TX TxDOT CSJ No. 1401GREEN Reconstruction of Eastern 571' of Taxiway K Completed 
1202 Fort Worth Alliance Airport RTR Duct Bank & Taxiway H Improvements City PN: 960 Fort Worth, TX Replace FAA RTR Ductbank Completed 
1203 Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County Harrisburg Overpass Project Contract No. CT1400055 Construction of New Harrisburg Overpass Bridge for Harris County Metro. Installation of Underground and Surface Mount Raceway, Cabling, Electric Service Enclosures, LED Accent & Underbridge Lighting, Grounding System. Completed 
1204 McKinney National Airport Apron Reconstruction TxDOT CSJ No: 1518MCKNY McKinney, TX  Installation of New Sliding Driveway Gate & Man Gate Including All Power, Communications and Security Raceway, Cabling & Equipment. Installation of Underground Duct Bank and Pullboxes for Future Ramp Lighting. Completed 
1205 North Texas Tollway Authority Dallas North Tollway SECTION IX & X CN 03787-DNT-03-CN-PM  Grading, Drainage, Structures, Concrete Pavement, Walls, Illumination, Signs & Sign Structures, Pavement Markings, Toll Plazas, ITS Infrastructure, and Utilities Completed 
1206 Fort Worth Alliance Airport Airfield Sign Upgrades City Project No. 2048 Remove & Replace Airfield Guidance Signs w/ New LED Types. Installation of LED Upgrade Kits Into Existing Airfield Guidance Signs. Installation of New Airfield Guidance Sign. Remove & Replace L-824C Cabling. Completed 
1207 San Antonio VA Medical Center Grid-Tie Photovoltaic System Ductbanks Project No. 6037 Installation of Various of Duct Banks and Manholes for Future Solar Power Cabling Infrastructure. Completed 
1208 Addison Airport - Taxilane Victor Reconstruction TXDOT CSJ No. 1418ADDSN Removal of Existing Concrete Pavement. Placement of New Concrete & HMAC Pavement. Removal & Replacement of Water Line. Installation of New Storm Drain Line. Completed 
1209 Dallas Love Field - Enabling Package #1 Primary Power and IT Relocations Relocation of Exisitng Utility Power and Communications Duct Banks. Installation of New Aircraft Rated Manholes In Progress 
1210 Fort Worth Alliance Airport - Extensions for Runway 16R and Taxiway A City Project No. 00960 Remove & Reinstall All Navigational Equipment for Both Runways. Installation of New Underground Duct Banks, Manholes, Cabling, Airfield Lighting / Guidance Signs, Windcones for Runway & Taxiway Extensions. Furnish and Install New FAA ALSF-2 Substation Vault. Renovate Airfield Lighting Vault. Completed 
1211 DFW Rehabilitate Airfield Pavement FY14 CN 9500482 DFW Airport, TX Remove & Replace Runway Shoulder and Blast Pad HMAC Pavement. Repair of Runway & Taxiway Concrete Pavement. Removal & Replacement of Airfield Lighting Systems. Joint Sealing and Airfield Pavement Markings. Completed 
1212 Addison Airport Aprons and Parking Lots Rehabilitation Town of Addison, Texas RFP 15-42 Hanger Apron Rehabilitation, Apron Reconstruction, Parking Lot Reconstructions Completed 
1216 Terminal C North Underground Ductbanks @ IAH Installation of underground electrical and IT ductbanks for the new United Airlines Terminal C North @ Houston Intercontinental Airport Completed 
1219 Dallas Love Field Hold Position Relocation PN AVIP919 Relocation of all Runway 13L-31R and Runway 13R-31L hold positions to the FAA required distance of 255 feet from Runway Centerline. Modifications to Holding Position and Enhanced Centerline Markings and Surface Painted Holding Signs. Centerline lighting lens color re-sequencing. Completed 
1220 UAL - Ramp and Fueling Project IAH-Terminal C @ Houston, TX Installation ofAirfield Lighting, Manhole Modifications, Underground Electrical Ductbanks & Conduit, Underground Power Cable, Junction Structures Completed 
1221 Taxiway G & H Pavement Reconstruction and Shoulders Greenville, TX Rehabilitation of Pavement Completed 
1223 DFW Rehabilitate Airfield Lighting FY15 CN 9500570 DFW Airport, TX  Remove and Replace Airfield Cable for Westside Signage, Remove and Replace Windcones, Install CCR's Completed 
1224 DALLAS LOVE FIELD AIRFIELD PAVEMENTS REPAIR Miscellaneous Airfield Pavement involving crack and loint sealing, spall repairs, panel replacements and minor Electrical lighting removal & replacement. Completed 
1226 DALLAS LOVE FIELD RUNWAY INCURSION MITIGATION IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT NO. CIZ1619 Removal of existing Runway 18-36 pavement where it intersects with Runway 13L-31R as part of the work to convert R/W 18-36 into T/W Echo. Additional SOW includes grading, airfield markings and airfield electrical. Completed 
1227 DALLAS LOVE FIELD RUNWAY 18-36 CONVERSION PROJECT NO. CIZ1618 Electrical and Civil work required to convert Runway 18-36 into Taxiway Echo. Completed 
1228 DFW Aircraft Hardstand Ramp Expansion Contract No. 9500577 Expansion of Existing Hardstand Ramp @ DFW airport. Includes new Ductbanks, Ramp Lighting, and Fueling Control Systems. Completed 
1229 DFW RWSL East Side Retro @ DFW Airport, TX Removal and Replacement of Light Fixtures, Slave Modules and Isolation Transformers for RWSL Light System on Runway 17R-35L and 17C-35C. Completed 
1234 DFW Airport Reconstruct Taxiway Lima @ DFW Airport, TX  Removal & Replacement of Airfield Lighting and Guidance Signs. Temporary By-Pass Circuitry. Install New Electrical Underground Duct Banks, Hand Holes and Cabling. Remove & Replace (10) Constant Current Regulators and other Miscellaneous Modifications in the Airfield Lighting Vault.  Completed 
1239 Dallas Love Field Runway 31R Glideslope Relocation Project No. DAL-A-032316-1 Relocation of R/W 31R glide slope tower & shelter building, PAPI and RVR. Reconfigure lighting on T/W Mike & T/W Bravo. Completed 
1240 Runway 17C-35C Rehabilitation @ DFW International Airport Contract No. 9500614 Replacement of entire Runway 17C-35C electrical systems Associated With Runway 17C-35C. Installation of an upgraded runway status light system for R/W 17C-35C & new RWSL Install new homerun cabling to R/W 17R-35L. Completed 
1241 Dallas Love Field Taxiway Bravo (Phase II) Rehabilitation City of Dallas Project No. CIZ1704 Replacement of ighting & signage at T/W Bravo. Installation of a complete electrical system for the new T/W Mike. Install a new Glideslope/RVR for R/W 31L and Relocation of the ASOS & SWS In Progress 
1242 United Airlines Technical Operations Center & UTOC @ Houston Intercontinental Airport Project No. 3834 Installation of new duct bank, hand holes, cabling, taxiway lighting and guidance signs at T/W N4 for new taxilane entrance to the UTOC facility. Completed 
1243 Restore Airfield Electrical & Lighting @ Naval Air Station (NAS) Joint Reserve Base (JRB) Fort Worth, Texas Perform pre-construction inspection of all designated airfield lighting systems & components. Repair and/or replace manholes & handholes for airfield electrical systems, replace power cabling, install new fixtures, guidance signs, REILS & approach lighting equipment, and upgrades to the airfield vault equipment. Completed 
1245 Rehabilitation of Taxiways WA & WB @ Houston Intercontinental Airport Project No. 901 Replacement of taxiway lighting and guidance sign systems. Work includes new duct bank, hand hole, cabling and concrete foundation installations. In Progress 
1246 Southwest Airlines Enabling Projects HOU - Fiber Node Extension Relocation of a primary power duct bank & associated electrical equipment for an existing FAA Facility In Progress 
1248 Facilities Relocation and Consolidation (Southwest Consolidated Campus Roads & Utilities - Phase 1B) @ DFW International Airport Contract No. 9500668 Installation of new primary power duct banks, manholes and equipment foundations for utility system upgrades. Installation of new communications system duct banks and manholes. Furnish and install new street lighting. In Progress 
1249 Taxiway Bravo (Phases III & IV) Procurement No. CIZ1787 Removal of existing airfield lighting and guidance signs. Installation of new taxiway centerline & edge lights, new LED guidance signs, base cans, electrical duct bank systems, cabling (power and FAA control), photometric testing. In Progress 
1250 Northeast End Around Taxiway Package III Glycol Facilities Relocation @ DFW International Airport Contract No. 9500643 Installation of temporary electrical by-passes, reconfiguration of existing lighting and signage to coincide with overall project construction phasing. Remove and reestablish Glycol Conveyance System (Including new rack structure). Remove existing FAA MALSR Light Stations and Shelter/Equipment. Install new FAA MALSR light lane Stations, power/control cabling. Removal of existing of exiting light fixtures, guidance signs and cabling. Installation of new electrical duct bank systems, junction can plazas, base cans, cabling HDD bores and grounding/lightning protection cable. Installation of new circuit selector switch, modifications to an existing vault and ALCMS upgrades.  In Progress 
1251 Taxiway Foxtrot Rehabilitation @ DFW International Airport Contract No. 9500685 Installation of temporary electrical by-passes, reconfiguration of existing lighting and signage to coincide with overall project construction phasing. Removal of existing of exiting light fixtures, guidance signs and cabling. Installation of new electrical duct bank systems, junction can plazas, base cans, cabling HDD bores and grounding/lightning protection cable. Installation of new constant current regulators, modifications to an existing vault and ALCMS upgrades.  In Progress 
1254 Taxiway Mike South Rehabilitation @ DFW International Airport Contract No. 9500692 Installation of temporary electrical by-passes, reconfiguration of existing lighting and signage to coincide with overall project construction phasing. Removal of existing lights and signage. Installation of new electrical duct bank systems, base cans and sign foundations. In Progress 
1255 Runway 18R-36L Rehabilitation @ DFW International Airport Contract No. 9500698 Complete Removal & Replacement of All Electrical Systems Associated With Runway 18R-36L and All Portions of Connecting Taxiways Within the Runway Object Free Area to Support Paving Replacement & Overlay Operations. Removal & Replacement of Airfield Fixtures on Taxiways 'C' & 'E' and Removal & Replacement of the RWSL fixtures on Runway 18R-36L. New Home Run Cabling to R/W 18R-36L. Installation of new Main Duct Bank System with various size Junction Can Plazas routed the entire length of the runway. Modifications to the ALSF-2 and MALSR light lanes at each end of the runway. In Progress 
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